Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Nathan James

H1N1 Virus


ANNE ARUNDEL COUNTY--- There have been 4 confirmed case of the H1N1 virus as
well as 4 probable cases in the county to date, according to Anne Arundel County Department of Health.
A preschooler was confirmed to have contracted the virus early last week, while two
probable cases were students at href="">Folger Mckinsley Elementary School.
The county’s rise in confirmed and probable cases has taken place in the
context of rising numbers of confirmed H1N1 cases nationally. There are now 3009
laboratory confirmed cases in the U.S., according to the href="">Centers for Diseases Control and Preventions website. Two probable cases were students at Folger Mckinsley Elementary School in Severna Park, causing the school to temporarily close its’ doors, said Bob Mosier, Anne Arundel County School’s public information officer.
Both students have now recovered.
“From what we understand the two students are fully recovered and in attendance,” said Mosier.
A change in policy allowed Folger Mckinsley Elementary, which the state had closed May 1, to reopen its doors on May 6.
Where schools as a precaution were advised by the Center for Disease control and Prevention to close for 5 to 14 days before reopening, they are now no longer required to close. Instead students exhibiting flu-like symptoms are being told to get medical attention and not come to school for seven days, according to Anne Arundel County Public Schools website.

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